2011 Nissan LEAF covers 116.1 miles in real-world testing


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In the beginning, Nissan estimated the driving range of about 100 miles for the Nissa LEAF electric car, but usually, real world range testing results in lower numbers than what auto manufacturers claimed. But this is not the case for the Nissan LEAF electric car.

Just a short time ago, the Nissan put out some variable range estimates that added in weather condition, speed, HVAC settings and many other sources that can have an effect into Nissan LEAF’s battery source. The results show that the Nissan LEAF’s operating range can actually drop as low as 47 miles and top out at 138 miles in an optimum situation. For situation, if you drove a Nissan LEAF uphill at 80 miles an hour with the A/C at 100% blast and five sizeable adults in the car, you may only get 45 miles of range out of its battery. On the other hand, if you drove a constant 45 miles per hour over a totally even route on a cool day with no AC on, you may possibly get about 135 miles out of the Nissan LEAF.

Plugin Cars writer Nick Chambers just recently conduct a total range test of the battery-powered Nissan LEAF in a real-world scenario. The chosen course was from Nissan North America’s headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee to Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg. The 116.1-mile drive took Chambers across country roads, through small towns with stoplights with 30 miles per hour zone, and to byways with 55 miles per hour speed limit. He claims that he didn’t drive aggressively and often stayed 5 miles/hour under the posted speed limits, but he had the A/C on for much of the trip.

The result of this testing confirmed the real-world driving range for the Nissan LEAF at 116.1 miles. The range-testing run utilized around 22.76 kW of the LEAF’s total 24 kWh battery, which is a utilization rate of about 94.9%; and this is pretty much near the limit of 95% battery utilization that Nissan allows.

We hope to see future mass production electric cars reach 250 mile range, then it would become very practical. That is when we know the world is ready to implement the electric cars in full scale.

Source Plugincars