Pimped Hyundai Equus sedans from Mummbles and DUB coming to SEMA


Hyundai has joined with DUB Magazine and Mummbles Marketing to design two Equus sedans for the SEMA show next week. One shows the elegant side of the Hyundai Equus sedan, while the other Equus sedan shows a much more aggressive, sporty side of it.

In the exterior modifications for the DUB Edition Equus sedan, it includes Trex DUB Design mesh grille, custom body kit, tinted windows and tail lights, and a custom two-tone, gloss black-and-matte charcoal paint job. In additon, the Equus will also feature a DUB Edition custom suspension riding on 24-inch TIS modular style 10 wheels with Pirelli Pzero Nero Tires as well.

And as for the interior, a complete new audio system that includes a custom trunk enclosure for nine Infinity Kappa Series speakers, KAPPA ONE mono and KAPPA FOUR four-channel amplifiers. Furthermore, a custom leather and suede, a DUB Design illuminated headliner and custom rear bucket seats are upgraded to round out the DUB Magazine’s signature look.

“We know that SEMA show-goers look forward to seeing the cool new cars like Equus and the unique ways we customize them,” said Myles Kovacs, president and co-founder, DUB Magazine. “With this car we tried to give tuners an idea of what modifications can be done within the luxury segment.”

And there is the Mummbles Marketing Elegant Equus, which it converted the common Equus into a luxury custom sedan that is now known as the “Elegant Equus.” Beside the exterior modifications, Mummbles also modified the V8 engine to include a turbo kit from Legacy Innovations, a nitrous system and a Magnaflow exhaust. The end result is 450 horsepower that is now available on tap for the Elegant Equus. Mummbles Marketing also adds a second iPad that is used to control the air suspension, rear curtains, stereo and windows.

Indeed, this pair of Hyundai Equus sedans will be a pimped ride. So, have your ride being pimped? If not, grab one of these.