2011 Dodge Challenger with an old school attitude at SEMA show


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SEMA show is not just about funky new style of new vehicles, it can have a retro theme as well. And Radiantz Inc. is no stranger in taking old Dodge Challengers and making it looks modern.

But this time Radiantz is taking the reversal role, which it took the 2011 Dodge Challenger and give it an old school style treatment. Old school components such as the vinyl roof top with chrome trimming, billet rims and bumpers were mixed with modern components like the LED halo lighting. The result is an awesome modern 2011 Dodge Challenger car with a classic touch, which you cannot tell that this is a modern car in disguise if you hadn’t known about the 2011 Dodge Challenger.

We got to admit that Radiantz Inc. has done a spectacular job of blending old school components into the 2011 Dodge Challenger to make it looks like a classic hot rod.

  • CM

    Thats gross looking. YUCK