Volvo is developing the world’s fastest hybrid powered truck


9528Volvo Green Mean truck-1″ /Volvo-Green-Mean-truck-1

Looks like the hybrid bug has spreaded to the truck segment. Volvo has been known to make trucks, and now, it is investing in developing a truck with hybrid power technology.

In early 2010, Volvo developed a diesel truck that set the world speed record to be the fast truck. And now Volvo is developing a new diesel-electric hybrid version called “Mean Green”, which Volvo claims to be the world’s fastest hyrid truck.

A famous Swedish truck racer, Boije Ovebrink, is going to test drive the hybrid truck. “I’d go so far as to say that ‘Mean Green’ is the world’s fastest hybrid truck,” Mr. Ovebrink said.

The Volvo truck “Green Mean” is equipped with a 16-liter Volvo engine that is fitted with two Volvo Penta twin turbos. This gives the total power output of a massive 1,900 horsepower. In addition, the electric motor adds another 200 horsepower (149 kW) and 738 lb-ft of torque that is transferred through a modified I-Shift automated gearbox.

“I started building the truck from two half frames that had been earmarked for the scrap yard and the American VN cab came from a crash-tested chassis whose cab was totally intact,” explains Volvo engineer Olof Johansson.

To make the Volvo “Green Mean” truck lighter for the record speed, Volvo engineers machine made a new lighter front axle and removed the gear set for the first gear, which was considered worthless by the enormous amount of torque delivered.

We salute Mr. Olof Johansson for being environmental conscientious. These kinds of tinkering will pave the way for future hybrid powered trucks.