New Chevrolet Z-Spec Line includes Volt, Cruze and Spark at SEMA


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General Motors is adding a little sportiness to its Chevrolet green cars. It has created the Chevrolet Z-Spec line to include the 2011 Chevrolet Cruze, Volt, and Spark, which are all received modifications throughout.

The three Chevrolet Z-Spec concept cars are been displayed at the SEMA show. Although General Motors hasn’t released any details yet, but can safely assume that these cars will have the same powertrains as the standard versions.

From the photos, we see that all three cars got the same upgrades including unique alloy wheels wrapped in wider tires, exterior graphics, subtle body modifications of front and rear spoilers, and several upgrades such as sports steering wheel and more refined materials within the interior.

These Chevrolet Z-Spec models are sure to appeal with the younger customers, and we hope that these cars will make to production soon.