Mazda RX-9 is on the horizon with 300-hp rotary power


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The next Mazda RX-9 may be on the horizon. According to Autocar, Mazda is currently working on a successor to the old RX-7 and the current RX-8. Well, this isn’t anything new but it certainly brought up the RX-9 subject again.

Luckily, the next-gen RX-9 sports car will not have the outgoing RX-8’s clumsy, complicated four-door coupe layout, and that the platform is to share major chassis components from the MX-5 roadster. This should give the Mazda RX-9 about 2750 pounds of curb weight.

As for the engine department, the Mazda RX-9 will be equipped with a new 16X engine, which Mazda is still working on to get it to meet EuroV emissions standards. It is expected that the new 16X engine will produce about 300 horsepower, which is about 68 horsepower more than the Renesis rotary engine found in the current Mazda RX-8.

At the moment, Mazda is still deciding whether the 16X engine will be configured to run on gasoline for mass production, or become clean-air project project vehicle that runs purely on hydrogen fuel. We doubt the latter.

Either way, Mazda engineers were given a time frame of two years to complete the 16X engine. So, we won’t see the Mazda RX-9 anytime soon until 2013.

Source Autocar