Lighting GT electric car to be mass produced in late 2012


9651Lighting GT electric car-1″ /Lighting-GT-electric-car-1

Lightning Car Company announced that it was aiming on developing its electric GT in 2010. Lighting Car Company states that its GT car will enter a “late prototype” phase soon and will have the car produce by the third quarter of 2012. Does the Lighting GT look like a cross between an Aston Martin or Maserati to you?

The Lighting GT car was first introduced in 2007, and there have been significant changes then. The Lighting GT car is a full electric car which runs purely on battery powered by electric motors. The powertrain boasts two 150Kw motors (400 bhp) and a reduction gearbox within a common housing with an automatic limited slip differential.

The Lightning GT benefits from the Lithium Titanate batteries, which provides a 150 mile range in normal driving mode. However, this range will be reduced during spirited driving. There is also an extender battery pack that is available which will increase the Lightning GT’s range to over 225 miles. Performance wise, the Lighting GT can sprint from 0-60 mph in about 5 seconds.

The Lightning GT uses Lithium Titanate batteries that can be recharged from a dedicated wired socket at home in under 5 hours and with the optional 18kw onboard charger in just 2.5 hours. With an external DC charging unit, it can be recharged in about 10 minutes. The batteries have a life expectancy of 15 years of daily recharges, versus the 3-5 year usable life of other batteries and they can retain up to 80% charge capacity after 15,000 charges.

We won’t see the production model of the Lighting GT until probably in mid 2013, and the UK based Lighting Car Company hopes to sell the GT at around £180,000 ($290,628 U.S.)