Let Ford Active Park Assist Parallel Parks for You!


Ford Active Park Assist will help you parallel parking if you are pretty much suck at it. The Ford Company just won another award for 2009 “Best of What’s New” for the Active Park Assist technology. The technology helps you maneuver your car into those tight parallel parking spaces. This is the third straight year that Ford has been recognized with a Best of What’s New Award.

The Active Park Assist uses sensors in the front and rear of the car to help guide your car into to a parking space. The sensors give feedback to let you know if your car fits in that tight parking space or not. Not only the Active Park Assist helps in parallel parking, it also helps park in down-hill situation so your car doesn’t roll into other people’s cars.

We know it got a bunch of sensors in front and back of the car, but how does it work?

Just press a button to activate the sensors, then let the steering system takes over and steers your car into the parking lot. It’s a no-brainer.¬†Of course, you are still responsible for shifting, gas, brake, beware of pedestrian and on-coming traffic.

So far, the Ford Active Park Assist will be available as an optional feature on 2010 models such as Ford Escape, Ford Flex, Lincoln MKS, Lincoln MKT and Mercury Mariner. Watch the video below of the Active Park Assist in action.